Character LYL

Wellness expert Masha is a social media character for a nutritional supplement brand

Healthy lifestyle expert

We created a social media character for a vitamin and food supplement brand to convey complex health information in a simple way.

While working with the brand and planning the communication strategy, we determined that LYL (Love Your Life) is an “older sister” or an expert friend who is energetic, cheerful and well- informed about innovations in the beauty industry, sports, and health. This idea was embodied in the image of the wellness expert Masha.


Easy as pie

Biologically active additives require much information, yet it can be challenging for the consumer to navigate through the flow of information, especially when it is overloaded with medical terms. We simplified the knowledge on the processing of vitamin D in the body, and its effect on different systems then presented this in simple, short dialogues or statements on behalf of Masha.

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