Branding, accompaniment and visualization of the interior for the cheburekny chain

New look into the street food of our childhood

Developing a new street food brand associated with the Soviet era was not an easy task. Together with the client, we established that our primary focus is a young audience, which means creating not only a bright, memorable style but also an assortment that is interesting for such a consumer.


Name and the platform

Out of twenty-five options that were being discussed for the name, we settled on one that is simple and memorable. We created both Russian and English versions of the logo, and selected the colors to highlight and distinguish the brand as much as possible from its potential competitors. What is more we came up with a series of taglines, such as “Che! There are chebureks!”

Design of retail outlets

Memorable and fun place that is cozy and comfortable

We used rich colors and bright accents in the design of retail outlets in the spirit of the the brand’s vibrant character and did the primary visualization.

Designed 2 retail outlets

After the selection of specific premises, we helped the client with the design of two retail outlets, from choosing the furniture to creating layouts of signs and banners.

Photo and design

Had a photoshoot and created layouts

We took photographs and created a package of promotional materials: menus, banners with promotional offers, layouts for coin boxes, etc.

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