Branding and website for a souvenir manufacturer

The art of impressing

What is a souvenir? We believe that a souvenir is the embodiment of memories of significant events and emotions. Silverdom is the production of unique products in the best tradition and values of Russian jewelry craftsmen.

SILVERDOM souvenirs embody the warmest memories of your vacations, the proud feeling of victories and achievements. They are accessories that are gifted to the most important ones.


Souvenirs with a story

We defined the brand platform and the target audience. We decided to work in the "noble style" to emphasize the status and aesthetics of high-class souvenirs. Our decision was based not only on the style , but also on the fact that the majority of current customers are from conservative areas. This noble style also combined the culture of quality corporate gifts and patriotism.

At the client’s request we preserved a part of the emblem in the logo; we developed a typeface with delicate serifs that vaguely resemble molten metal: in addition to black we used blue, beige, golden and silver.


Online store on Bitrix

We developed a full-fledged corporate website and an online store on the Bitrix (content management system).

We used original animation in the design, prepared sketches based on product photos and drew unique drop caps to support the stylistic reference to aristocratic culture.

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Responsive store

We simplified and reduced the number of elements in the mobile version, worked on the navigation and made it fiendishly easy to place an order.


Developed a series of presentations and commercial offers and created designs and texts for labels and other printed materials. We also prepared a package of corporate materials: letterheads and business cards.


We made a video presentation, in which the main focus was on the process of idea implementation, for which we rendered graphics and animated it.

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The final product of our work was a brand book, in which we fully described the brand's platform and its audience and prepared a guide for using the corporate identity. In addition, we prepared a brand development strategy for business-to-business and business-to-consumer and developed a media plan.

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