FR Beauty

Landing page for the launch of a new cosmetics line

Had a photoshoot and created a promo page

For the launch of a new product line, we designed a promotional page, organized a grocery photoshoot, touched-up photos, and put together a laconic, attractive website within the spirit of the line’s corporate identity.


Creative concept

We chose a minimalistic design to emphasize the purity of the products and to correspond to the corporate identity created by the brand designer.


Desktop version

In the full version, we added a video to the first screen to attract and retain the user's attention from the get-go.

Based on the knowledge of the Forise Group audience, we added some animations, and clear interactive design throughout the website to make it easier for the user to access the information.

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Mobile version

We reduced the number of elements to make it easy for a new client to both access the information and all the key aspects at once.

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