Sweet Sweet Alice

Express Branding and Website for a private patisserie

What we did

We developed a strategy, brand platform, identity, set of advertising materials and communication strategy.

Initially, we identified the objectives as well as financial and operational constraints. Based on data collected on the specifics of the business, we worked out a consumer profile for three main segments, a purchase funnel, and a strategy for implementing changes.We determined the audience by the value profile, objective, and socio-demographic characteristics.


Desert – What’s a celebration without a desert?

After a preliminary analysis and a series of interviews, we concluded that it is imperative to develop a new brand. We started with positioning and defining the essence of the brand and finished with the creation of a corporate identity, logo, and a set of corporate materials.

From the very beginning it was already clear that the original dessert satisfies hedonistic needs rather than utilitarian ones. Ideas such as “More than just desserts" and "Dessert as part of the celebration" were taken as the basis. In developing the strategy and character of the brand we decided to emphasize emotions.


Online store on Tilda

We chose Tilda for fast implementation, ease of use and budget savings. What is more, we developed a convenient calculator for ordering exclusive cakes, prepared texts, and touched-up photos.

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Mobile version

In the mobile version, our primary focus was enticing photos of desserts, the convenience of ordering, and calculating the cost.


We worked out a meticulous communication strategy, advertising messages samples and analyzed the stages of the purchase funnel that different groups of users go through. We paid special attention to the challenges one might face before buying.

Strategy implementation Guide

We prepared a comprehensive guide for implementing the strategy: with examples, descriptions and recommendations.


The main communication channel was social networks. We developed a guide for the client on preparing materials, selecting photo references, and processing examples. We wrote copy samples and drew up a matrix of topics and a content plan. Additionally, we prepared the design templates for social networks.

We identified the strategy and possible methods for attracting new audience by creating a list of relevant bloggers, prepared a message plan, and compiled a list of communities that might be interested in partnership.

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