Branding and original promo website for experts in high class interior design

Premium materials, exclusive services, dynamic team

Together with the client, we identified the key target audience - high-class interior designers. During the interview, we described the portrait of such a designer, and decided to attract their attention with creative naming and design.


Original name for a bright and active team

We came up with a name that is easy to remember and reflects the team’s spirit – bright, energetic, and expressive. When designing the logo, we used a part of the name and a mountain to symbolize the main material with which the company's specialists work.

We created a flexible color system to allow for variations, depending on the type of contact, more conservative for business contacts, and brighter, more fun ones for the target audience of designers. We rendered the main and additional versions of the logo so that it could be printed, engraved, burned out, et cetera.

We prepared a set of corporate materials: presentation, business cards, letterheads, and social media design.


Full version

We came up with a unique design for the website and created exciting effects and a series of illustrations for social networks. Additionally, we enriched the website with original multilayer parallax.

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Mobile Version

We maintained all the illustrations in the mobile version but reduced the number of animations and effects to optimize the loading speed.

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